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December 13, 2012
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"Leave me alone Dylan! I'm warning you, next time I'm going to break your wings!" she snarls.

"If you could see what I have done for you, you wouldn't be saying that in the first place." I snap back.

"All you have done for me is followed me around like a freaking dog! Why can't you just leave me alone?!" she yells, her eyes boring into mine, furiously looking for an answer.

"You think I haven't tried?!" I yell back, cringing slightly.

"I-" she begins.

"Do you think I like being forced to love you?" I ask, a somewhat rhetorical question.

"You have a mind of your own! You really don't have to!" she spits back, her wings flaring behind her. I grab her wrist roughly, making her jump slightly. "Let go of me or I'll break your arm!" she snarls. I pains me to hurt her, but I'm in control of myself and I can grab her wrist if I want.

"Look at me." I growl, dragging her closer to me. She continues to struggle against my vice-like grip.

"Let me go!" she continues to cry.

"Look. At. Me." I order. Her eyes hesitantly meet mine. "Everything I have been created for, is you. I've been told since I was created," my voice begins to break, "that you were mine. That we were going to own this world. That we were going to have children." She flinches at that last part. Her silence allows me to continue, "How can you not feel something, tell me you don't feel anything." I say, turning her palm in my hand gently. Her fingertips tingle in my hand. I continue searching her eyes, softening my expression.

"I-I don't." she says, her voice light and her eyes shading away from me.

"Don't lie." I hiss, she looks back up at me. Her eyes plead me to stop, because she knows that she feels the same as I do.

"Stop." she begs, a twinge of agony in her voice.

"Stop what?"

"Stop pretending like you deserve me. You destroyed that town! You almost killed Fang!" she raises her voice. The very mention of his name makes bile rise in my throat.

"And what if he was going to kill me, huh? What then? Would you save me then, or let him snap my neck?" I snarl.

"I-I" she stutters.

"I do deserve you. I have always been here for you, whether you like it or not. I have always had your best interests in mind. He doesn't!" I say, my words cutting into her. "If you don't remember: he left you. And he wouldn't have ever come back."

"But he did."

"And what good will that be when he endangers the flock, endangers you?"

"I-I don't care I just-"

"You just what? Just love that he may be the reason you get killed? Just may love that he could leave you whenever he wants again?" I grip her hand in mind. She looks up at me, her eyes pleading me to stop because she knows that I'm right. "I would never leave you, I would stand by you forever and you know it." I pause, looking down at her. She glares up at me, if I wasn't holding her hand she may have punched me.

"I hate you." Max mutters, barely uttering the words.

"I know." I whisper, then leaning down and pressing my lips to hers.

"Mn!" she gasps. Her lips are hesitant at first, unmoving and dead. I keep moving my lips against hers, the scent of dirt and pine needles washing over me. My hands lessen their grip on hers and hold her waist, pulling her closer to me. Her lips press to mine tenderly, their tempo steady. She lets her hands fall to her sides helplessly. She could leave whenever she wants. Max can just punch me and fly away, she can tell me how much she 'loves' Fang, but she doesn't.
Her hands crawl up my sides and clutch me against her body, like she was slipping away in a current and I was the life raft tethering her to safety.

"I hate you." She mumbles against my lips. I ignore her, deepening the kiss and twining my tongue with hers.  She gasps slightly at the sudden heat of the kiss, like everything I have been saying has been confirmed. My hands course up her sides and hold her face delicately in my hands, devouring her eagerly.

Without warning, I slip away from her.

"Then go." I say lightly, smirking as I pivot on my heels and walk back to my tree house. She stands there stunned, her cheeks flushed and her eyes wide. She releases something between a growl and angry sigh, throwing her hands up and storming away.

"Mhmm." I muse, watching her strut back to her side of the island.
Yes this is in the middle of an argument between Max and Dylan, I will add in the rest later but enjoy!! Please leave comments!!

>>Warning: there are spoilers to Nevermore so if you can't handle it read the fricken book!>>
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